Holy Week in Larantuka (Traveller.com.au)

Three photos taken during Holy Week procession in Larantuka (2015, via Alamy) published along with other photographer’s work on July 21, 2017 to illustrate John Huxley’s written piece at Traveller.com.au.

“It’s only 10am, but already tens of thousands of pilgrims, sweltering in blistering heat, are gathering on the waterside under the watchful eye of police armed with machine-guns. For even here, on Good Friday, on the holiest day in the Catholic calendar, on the seashores of the small town of Larantuka, on the Indonesian island of Flores, precautions have to be taken. Many in the crowd wear black. But some women wear colourful dresses. Some men and boys wear T-shirts, bearing the name of the messiah, the personal claim “son of Jesus” or even the name of a popular football team. All, however, are joined in prolonged, respectful silence as, after several hours’ wait, the ritual likenesses of Jesus and Mary emerge into dazzling sunlight, are carried to the nearby beach and placed on a traditional, wooden rowboat,” wrote Huxley in Flores, Indonesia: Sacred sites, stunning natural bounty and dragons too.