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Elders of Community (IA.org) • Reynold Sumayku • Tearsheets

A group portrait of traditional community elders of Lewotolok, taken during a cultural event in Lembata Island, Indonesia (2014, via Alamy) was used as an illustration for an editorial post and guidance by International Alert, entitled “How does human rights due diligence differ in conflict-affected settings?

Original caption and context of the photo was ignored. However, International Alert—an international NGO who actively promoting peace, by providing public education materials, among others—offered some interesting points through this article focusing on human rights due diligence (HRDD).

It started with this teaser: “Many companies and practicioners have pointed out that the volality of conflict-affected settings requires a robust, rapid and flexible response in relation to human rights due dilligence (HRDD). This is certainly true, and makes HRDD more of a priority. However, ‘more of the same’ is not enough: HRDD in conflict-affected settings also requires different and additional considerations.”

You can alternatively download the PDF file of “Human rights due diligence in conflict-affected settings: Guidance for extractives industries” written by Yadairi Orsini and Roper Cleland (2018) which also includes the photo.